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Project Poni

Fan series for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    What IS ProjectPoni?


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    What IS ProjectPoni? Empty What IS ProjectPoni?

    Post  DJToast3 Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:39 pm

    Heres a question we got a few times Razz

    What IS projectponi?

    ProjectPoni is an online fan made animation based on the characters of my little pony friendship is magic. We bring in some of our own things though, such as in episode 1, we have a certain character everyone will either love or hate, and a new BG pony witch is called ... not gonna say Wink

    We try to keep our animation style and writing up to that of the series of MLP: FiM and we have some top notch voices that I'm certain all of you will love!

    Ill update the ****'s every 2 months up until the actual release of Episodes!

    Episode 1: Boiling Water
    Release Date: 2012?
    Description: The mayor of ponyville announces that they are going to take down the **************** course and rebuild it as the ponyville ****************! ********** is furious about this and is gathering all of the pegasi ponies to help *** get back the ******************** With rainbow dash at *** side.

    Episode 2: ?
    Release Date: 2012
    Description: ?

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