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    Potential animators?


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    Potential animators? Empty Potential animators?

    Post  Zerato on Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:21 pm

    Hey, if you're looking for more animators, I was wondering if you have 47times on your list. He's the one who animated the "Epic Cupcake Time" and "Epic Pie Time" shorts, and while I don't exactly approve of the content on those videos, I can't deny that 47times is a pretty good animator, definitely suiting the style of the show. Since it's the producers and writers who are responsible for the content, I don't think there will be any problems on this regard for ProjectPoni.

    On the note about animators, I also happened upon Ocarinaplaya from 47times's deviantArt page. He's done animation for a Doctor Whooves project, so he'd be good too. His animation doesn't quite match the show's style, though. Are all of the animators of this project going to follow a singular method of animation? It might do well for the sake of consistency.

    Anyway, those are the two animators that I know of. I'm sure they know of some other people who could help if asked nicely.

    EDIT: Also, I just discovered gbeaudette's Animation Analysis videos on Youtube. They're pretty cool, and I'm sure they'd be a big help to the animators of this project who don't already know how to do this stuff.

    EDIT #2: Did I mention BlackGryph0n? Well, I'm mentioning him now.

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